Import from Sketch


Import from Sketch

Replia imports layers from Sketch and exports Objective-C/Swift/Storyboard source code. This guide walks you through the connection between Sketch and Replia.

Download and install Sketch plugin

ExportForReplia Sketch plugin

  • Open upper link.
  • Click ‘Download ZIP’ button.
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Open ‘ExportForReplia.sketchplugin’.

Export document

  • Open document in Sketch.
  • Select Artboard or layer to export.
  • Choose Plugins > Replia > Export to Replia.
  • Select the scale of layers from 100%, 50%, or 33.3%, and click OK.
  • Select save path.
  • Drop the file to Replia Icon in dock.

Tips: Before importing, adjust the structure of layers in Sketch. Hidden layers are not imported, and layer structure is imported as view structure.

Sample .sketch file

Download the sample .skecth file and try to import.

Sample sketch file