News of Replia

Skech plugin updateded.

We have updated the sketch plugin ver 1.4 for Sketch ver 39.1.

Our version 1.3 plugin can’t export data with the new Sketch. Please check and install it.

Skech plugin updateded.

We have updated the sketch plugin ver 1.2 for Sketch Ver 3.4.4.

Our version 1.1 plugin can’t export data with the new Sketch. Please download this and install it.

Special thanks to johndevor and rohapa for contributing on the github issues.

Replia ver 1.3 released.

We have released Replia version 1.3

  • Export code for Xcode7.0/7.1 and swift2.0/2.1.

We have changed the exporting code for swift2.0 in this version.

And we have released Skecth plugin for Replia version 1.1.

  • Improve export data. Crop images with size of masks.

Thank you.

Replia Sketch plugin is available.

We are grad to announce that Sketch integration is now available! You can download Skecth plugin for Replia from github. To import the sketch file, it requires Sketch Ver 3.3 or later on your system.

And you can instal our demo version to try Replia. The demo version is limited, so the exporting scale is a little small-sized. So you won’t be able to use exported demo source for an application, but it’ll help you to understand how Replia works.

ExportToReplia Sketch plugin

  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Open ‘ExportToReplia.sketchplugin’.

If you need sample Skecth file. you can use it.

Sample .skecth file


For further support, we’ve added github project for you to send us your issues or questions.

RepliaQAs (on github)

If you’re satisfied, we’d love a review in the App Store. It always makes us happy to learn how Replia is being used by people!

Thank you!

Replia ver 1.2 released.

We has released Replia version 1.2.

  • Enable to import from Photoshop CC 2015 artboards.
  • Enable to open multi document windows.
  • Enable to open the new file type ‘.repliaImp’ which is a folder type document for import data from the other application.
  • Add what’s new dialog at first launch after install new version.
  • Bug fix : Label position is wrong when you open document at app launch.
  • Bug fix : Crash at the specified font.
  • Bug fix : Exporting fails when labels has specified text color.

.repliaImp does not work now because no applicaiton to export data. But we will announce soon.

Thank you.