Generate source code for iOS apps from design work.

Objective-C/Swift/Storyboard from Photoshop®/Sketch designs.

Demo app and sample files

Demo version
Note : The demo version limited to export small sized views.

Sample files


Simple step to generate code

1. Import from Photoshop / Sketch
2. Edit in Replia
3. Export Xcode project

Important Note: To import psd file, Replia requires Photoshop CC on your system. And to import sketch file, it requires Sketch Ver 3.3 or later. You also need to have Xcode installed.

How to import from Photoshop ... / from Sketch ...

Short Videos

Import from Photoshop

Import from Sketch


Q: Can I use Photoshop CS6?
A: No, you can't. Replia requires Photoshop CC 2014.

Q: Is the autolayout supported?
A: No, it isn't. Layout is exported as the AutoresizingMask. You can set the autolayout in the InterfaceBuilder of Xcode.

Q: Can I export as UITableViewController or UICollectionViewController?
A: No you can't. Replia exports the view controller as a UIViewController. However, Replia can export a specific layer as the custom UIView. You can edit the custom UIView to inherit a UITableViewCell or a UICollectionViewCell in Xcode.

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