Replia is released.

Posted by Kazuya Hirobe on May 26, 2015

Hello! We’re happy to announce that Replia has been released.

We know you want to develop iOS applications with beautiful appearances, and that’s great. We have a lot of respect for the wonderful work that designers come out with, but we know it takes time to make design source-code. It’s difficult to manage UX at the same time as well.

That’s where Replia comes in. It takes charge of the operation to create a source-code which displays your design. This is fast, efficient, and leaves you with a lot more time to work on actual development. Basically, your job as the engineer is to develop the app after the button has been pushed.

We’re hoping that Replia will help developers to make iOS apps with more intricate designs and UX. We’re also expecting users to further elaborate on their iOS application design through the use of Replia.

Keep an eye on this blog for more news about Replia! We’ll be introducing developmental techniques for iOS and Mac soon as well.